Jock Sturges' sensual black-and-white photographs have been featured in museums throughout the world. His subjects include women, men and children who live in communities where nudity is part of the accepted lifestyle. The secluded beauty of Northern California's rivers and woods and the beaches of Montalivet in France provide a dramatic setting forn Sturges' photographs. Jock usually spends weeks or months with his subjects, and they feel like his collaborators. Sturges accomplishes in his open-ended projects the continuing investigation into the engagement between public and private life, between tact and frankness, childhood and adolescence, male and female, artist and model. These stately images reflect self-revelation, trust, admiration, and the inevitable passage from adolescence to adulthood. In 1990, the FBI and the San Francisco Police Department raided the studio of Jock Sturges, an art photographer whose work includes portraits of nude children and adolescents. The agents seized Sturges's camera, trashed his studio, and launched an investigation that would, in the end, cost him $100,000 in legal fees. Jock Sturges: Nudes
Jock Sturges: Nudes