Like many photographers in New York City, Meyerowitz took to the street with a 35 mm camera, searching for inspiration in the people, gestures, interactions and incongruities that occurred everyday. A year long trip to Europe in the mid 1960s sparked a turning point for Meyerowitz as he began to find his own voice, working equally in color and black and white. The use of color began to have a tremendous impact on his work, as he craved its inherent descriptive qualities. Frustrated with the graininess of a 35 mm negative, Meyerowitz settled on an 8 x 10" Deardorff [which he continues using today] which he brought with him on his family vacation to Cape Cod in the summer of 1976. Cape Light and Bay/Sky document some of his most renown works which explore the changing color of light. In numerous images we see the sky and sea merge, the only hint of separation being a sailboats mast catching the suns glare. In others we see silhouettes of children and families dotting the seascape, reminding us of the power of the ocean and how we fit within the vast landscape. Time and again Meyerowitz seduces us with beauty, revealing infinite colors we so often take for granted. Joel Meyerowitz: Photographs
Joel Meyerowitz: Photography