Rolfe Horn
American, born 1971
Website about the artist:
Rolfe Horn studied landscape photography with Mark Citret, an associate of Ansel Adams, prior to entering Brooks Institute of Photograph, in Santa Barbara, California, in 1993. While a student at Brooks Institute, he studied with Nick Dekker, who introduced him to alternative processes and pushed him to create powerful images. He received multiple awards for his black and white photographs of the California landscape and recognition for pioneering interactive digital photography. When Rolfe received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooks Institute in the fall of 1996, he was named as the most outstanding graduate of his class and presented with a plaque in recognition of his accumulated achievements in landscape and digital photography.

In 1998 Rolfe had the great fortune to be hired as an assistant for Michael Kenna. He worked intensely with Kenna for over three years, all the while honing his own craft. Through his collaboration Rolfe became keenly aware of the subtleties of the fine art print: the balance of tonality, composition, the movement of the eye within the image, as well as perfecting the finished piece. He has become a perfectionist in the darkroom, spending hour after hour, day after day perfecting his craft with incredible results.
Wise beyond his thirty-three years of age, he seeks to create a new style of visual storytelling, rather than simply copy the traditional views of Western landscape masters of the past.